About itson

Energy for life, that's what itson is all about. Welcome to a new era of sustainable, smart and simple mobile power solutions. 


Leading the market, leading the way

Hi, we're itson, a European consumer battery brand that wants to take mobile power solutions to the next level. And what does it take to level up? Experience (yes, we're gamers), innovative know-how and a plan. We’ve got all three. 

With Itson, we are moving away from outdated battery technology to a new generation of power solutions that give you more and better energy with less impact on the environment.   

That's both a fact and a pinky promise. 

Taking care of our Mother

We've been taught to look after our mothers. This includes Mother Earth too. Now that she needs us the most, we do our best to step up.  

That is why itson supports local communities and vibrant projects, such as community gardens. We believe that they can transform urban spaces into lush oases, purify the air and nurture biodiversity, thus powerfully they are combating city pollution!

Check out our collaboration with Community Gardens!
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Taking care of our Mother even more 

In addition to our sustainable manufacturing and logistics processes, we have worked hard to make our packaging as green as possible. And we think we have done a pretty good job. 

The packaging we use for our products is FSC certified, 100% recyclable and made from 95% recycled materials, making it one of the most sustainable packaging on the market.*

In other words, we do everything we can to help Mother Earth as much as possible, and we encourage our customers to do the same by recycling their itson batteries. Because even if our batteries are no longer of use to them, they still have enough value to spark the creation of something new. 

Love you, mum.

* 33% weight less of packaging vs. major competitors (standard 4-pack vs. Duracell; Varta)

Our earth-friendly essentials:


Locally produced alkaline batteries with 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY!


Plastic free packaging with 95% RECYCLED MATERIALS!


Rechargeable batteries pre-charged with SOLAR ENERGY!


Keeping it simple 

Simplicity is one of our core values. We believe that great energy solutions should be easy to use and speak for themselves. That's why we put quality before quantity 

We don't have the biggest offer. But we believe we have the best. Whether it's our batteries, chargers, powerbanks or torches, with itson you know exactly what you're getting and what you can use it for. 

By keeping our offer simple, we also make the choice simple for you. 

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Vibing along with you 

Great energy solutions should be simple. But simple doesn’t have to be bland. It can be vibrant and energetic. Just like our mobile power solutions. Just like you.  

itson gives you the energy you need to help you stay on, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. From zapping through Netflix to capturing memorable moments with your camera, we provide the essential energy for your essential devices. 

What does “No Mercury added” mean?

This is a pinky swear that no mercury was added during the production of the battery. 

Why should I recycle my old batteries?

By recycling your batteries, you actively help reduce landfill waste and protect the planet (go you!). Almost all of the materials in batteries can be reused to make new batteries or processed in other industries. 

What is child safe packaging? Why is the coin battery packaging so difficult to open?

Children love shiny things and putting things in their mouths. That's why it's wise to keep coin batteries out of their reach. Itson's coin battery packaging has been specially designed to be super hard for children to open and to prevent accidental swallowing.