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Why community gardens?

itson wants to support local communities and vibrant projects, such as community gardens. 

Community gardens provide fresh produce and foster social bonds, promoting healthier lifestyles and stronger community ties
By backing such projects, itson demonstrates environmental responsibility while enriching local communities with meaningful connections.

Here at itson, we like getting our hands dirty supporting community gardens right here where we sell our products - in Europe! 

An other kind of footprint.

An other kind of footprint.

why be the flower
when you can be the seed 
leave an other kind of footprint

Community Garden - Kraków (PL)

The Community Garden on Siemaszki Street in Krakow (Poland) was established in 2016 through the initiative of the local community with the support of the The Kraków Municipal Greenspace Authority. It is a central space within the neighborhood used for cultivating plants, providing children's play areas, and offering relaxation and leisure opportunities. The garden fosters a unique, familial atmosphere helpful to the development of social bonds and cooperation.


For many years local community faced a need of replacing old and rotten flower beds. 
Together we revitalized the area with stunning wooden flower beds, replacing old ones, and providing essential accessories like premium wood oil and soil supply.
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