itsRECHARGE PRO - AA battery


is among the best, safest, and most sustainable rechargeable batteries on the market today and is perfect to power your high-drain devices during all your adventures. 

Available sizes: AAA, AA

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energy and performance

itsRECHARGE PRO rechargeable batteries are best for high-drain devices such as digital cameras and portable bluetooth devices. They guarantee great performance and energy output even at very low temperatures. So if you're looking for reliable portable power for your next trip to the Arctic, itson won't let you down! 


charge cycles

Performance, that’s what itsRECHARGE PRO is all about. The AA batteries have a capacity of 2500 mAh and the AAA batteries have a capacity of 930 mAh. You can also recharge the batteries up to 150 times!* In other words, they give you the power and endurance of a professional athlete. The only difference? Our batteries won't cost you millions. 

* Internal testing: 150 cycles according to IEC 61951-2 2017 ( Varies according to conditions of use.


& solar powered

itsRECHARGE PRO rechargeable batteries are made in one of the world's most sustainable Ni-MH factory and come to you pre-charged with solar energy. This means you can rip open the packaging, pop the batteries into your device and start enjoying our green power right away!

1 year

of power retention

The itsRECHARGE PRO offers maximum power retention - it will still have around 85% of its power after 1 years of storage at room temperature.* So you can leave this bad boy lying around for some time. Enjoy the power, recharge, repeat!

Internal testing according to IEC 61951-2(7.3.2). Varies according to conditions of use.


to be recycled

itsRECHARGE PRO batteries are designed and manufactured with recycling in mind. Nearly all the materials used in the batteries are recyclable. The batteries also come in FSC-certified, plastic-free packaging made from at least 95% recycled materials. 

Mother Earth needs you!

Recycling is fantastic!

While buying itson batteries always remember to recycle your old batteries in-store, let them party in the special boxes, and remember, a little effort for recycling is cool! 

It's a shockingly good time for your batteries and the environment. 🔋♻️😎

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Available sizes



It's available in 4-pack & 8-pack.



It's available in 4-pack & 8-pack.

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itson portfolio

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When should I recharge my batteries?

Do you wait to eat until you're about to faint? You don't, do you? The same goes for batteries. In general, it's best to never let your batteries deplete completely. Try to recharge them before the energy level drops below 30%. 

What does "mAh" mean on rechargeable batteries?

The capacity of a battery is indicated in XXXX mAh (milliampere-hour). For example, if you use a 2000 mAh battery in a device that draws 100 milliamperes of current continuously, the device will run for approximately 20 hours. Quick maths. 

How can I extend the service life of my rechargeable batteries?

For best performance, always try to keep the battery's energy level above 30% of its total capacity. Also, always use batteries of the same type and expiry date, and preferably the same brand. Mixing batteries will cause them to overcompensate and discharge faster than usual, which will affect their service life.