itsPREMIUM Hearing Aid

is a range of hearing aid batteries that guarantee excellent performance for the latest generation of over-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids. 

Available sizes: PR10, PR13, PR312, PR675

Deutsche Gründlichkeit

Don't worry, we're not going to quiz you on your German. The above title is a term that is often used to refer to the quality and thoroughness of German technology, which our hearing aid batteries are based on. Thanks to the technology, our hearing aid batteries guarantee reliable, longer and better performance for your hearing aids. 


zinc-air batteries

itson hearing aid batteries are a new generation of zinc-air batteries with only one active component (zinc) inside the battery. The other component is oxygen, which enters the battery when the seal is removed.  

Due to the composition of the battery, zinc-air batteries have the highest energy density of any electromechanical system, making them perfect for powering small, high-drain devices such as hearing aids. 

3 years

of power retention

itson zinc-air batteries will retain most of their power for up to 3 years, which means you can store them with little to no loss of performance.* So if you're planning to travel the world for a year or two, you can take several of our hearing aid batteries with you. They'll help you hear everything people say, but they don't come with translation software. So understanding the locals may still be difficult. 

* Keeps energy for up to 3 years when not used and stored in room temperature.



The substance that comes out of leaking batteries is corrosive, so you should always avoid skin and eye contact. However, you don't have to worry about your itson hearing aid batteries leaking. Thanks to their unique composition and high quality manufacturing, itson hearing aid ensures increased safety for users and devices!*

* When used correctly.

Mother Earth needs you!

Recycling is fantastic!

While buying itson batteries always remember to recycle your old batteries 
in-store, let them party in the special boxes, and remember, a little effort for recycling is cool! 

It's a shockingly good time for your batteries and the environment. 🔋♻️😎

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Available sizes



Diameter:5.8 mm 
Height:3.6 mm 
Weight:0.30 g 
itsPREMIUM - PR675


Diameter:11.6 mm 
Height:5.4 mm 
Weight:1.85 g 


Diameter:7.9 mm 
Height:5.4 mm 
Weight:0.83 g 
itsPREMIUM - PR312


Diameter:7.9 mm 
Height:3.6 mm 
Weight:0.58 g 

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itson portfolio

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What are characteristics and voltage of zinc-air batteries?

Zinc-air batteries are different from other batteries. They do not contain any active materials in their positive electrode. This type of battery reacts with air, so it's important to remove the tag before inserting the battery into your device. They provide a current of 1.4V when used correctly. 

Can I store a zinc-air battery again after I’ve peeled off the seal?

You can, but we don't recommend it. Once you remove the seal, the battery starts to 'breathe' and give off energy even when it's not being used. Therefore, the battery won't last until the expiry date if the seal is removed. 

Why do hearing aid batteries need to be activated?

Hearing aid batteries are zinc-air batteries. This type of battery needs air to work and comes with a seal. When you remove the seal, air flows into the battery, allowing it to release energy. Before inserting the batteries into your hearing aid, allow them to 'breathe' for a few minutes.