itsPREMIUM CR123 & CR2032

itsPREMIUM Specialties

is a range of coin and cylindrical lithium batteries that provide reliable high voltage power for small appliances and devices. 

Available sizes: CR2032, CR2025, CR2016, CR123


Small sizes

big performances

itson coin and cylindrical lithium batteries provide uninterrupted power for small appliances and devices such as watches, car keys, Wi-Fi devices, alarm, camera and fire detection systems - even in the most extreme temperatures. From -30°C to 60°C, Itson keeps you going without shivering or breaking a sweat! 

10 years

of power retention

There aren't many things you can buy and leave in their packaging for a decade. However, itson coin and cylindrical lithium batteries are one of those things. If you store them in a dry environment at room temperature, they will lose little to no power and will still be good to go after 10 years of collecting dust.*

* Keeps energy for up to 10 years when not used and stored in room temperature.



Children love putting random and shiny things in their mouth, which is exactly why you should keep batteries out of their grabby hands. But if your toddler does manage to get his or her hands on your new pack of Itson batteries, don't worry. All Itson batteries come in child-safe packaging. 

No Hg, baby!

ItsSPECIALTIES lithium batteries provide great, reliable power and don't contain mercury, a toxic chemical element often used in old batteries. However, we would like to say that not all mercury is bad. Take Freddie for example, we love that guy's music! 

Mother Earth needs you!

Recycling is fantastic!

While buying itson batteries always remember to recycle your old batteries 
in-store, let them party in the special boxes, and remember, a little effort for recycling is cool! 

It's a shockingly good time for your batteries and the environment. 🔋♻️😎

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Available sizes

itsPREMIUM coins

CR2032, CR2025 & CR2016

are a 3V battery and are suitable for small, low-drain devices that require constant or intermittent power such as car keys, watches, heart rate monitors or Wi-Fi devices. 

Each size is available in 2-pack, 4-pack & 6-pack. 



is a higher energy density 3V battery suitable for small low-drain devices that require constant power such as Wi-Fi devices, alarm, camera and fire detection systems. 

CR123 is available in 1-pack. 

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itson portfolio

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How long does a lithium coin battery last?

The life of a lithium coin battery varies greatly depending on the device and conditions. For example, a lithium coin battery used in a car key can last up to 4-5 years and will deplete much slower than a battery used in an alarm system because the battery is not in constant use. 

Do lithium batteries expire?

Yes, lithium batteries - like all batteries - have an expiry date. However, when lithium batteries have expired, you don't have to worry about mould or strange odours. Expired lithium batteries may still work, they just won’t have as much power as they used to. 

How can I recycle lithium batteries?

You can recycle your lithium batteries by taking them to a recycling point - free of charge! (get it? ‘charge’.... sorry, not funny)